The Widget
The Event Guru widget is one of the best widgets you can install on your website. It allows you to earn money without showing spammy ads.

The Event Guru widget increases the usefulness of your website by offering your visitors a unique and valuable resource. The widget's appearance and content can be easily customized to fit any website. Something most ad networks can not do.

Everytime your widget refers a valid user to Event Guru and, at some point, they login to Event Guru using the Facebook login button, you earn $1.00. We determine if they are legitimate based on their Facebook profile and their IP address.

Payments are delivered quarterly via PayPal to your email address on file with your Facebook account. You are responsible for all PayPal fees. Any person owed less than $5 will carryover to the next quarter.

Even if someone visits but does not log in until another day, if they originated from your widget, you still earn the money.

Before creating your widget make sure you login to Facebook, because your Facebook ID number is used to identify you as being the widget owner. So anytime someone logs in to Event Guru having originated from your widget, we know who you are where to deliver the PayPal payments. Your account information page contains the date of each referral you deliver.

If you'd prefer to just link to Event Guru rather than install the widget, you can still make money. Just create a link like and use that. You still will need to login to Event Guru with Facebook so I have your email address and can pay you with PayPal.

Event Guru plans to make money by eventually selling tickets to events. Event Guru may at any time change the terms of this arrangement as it deems necessary.

If you'd like to contact me please send an email to guru at eventguru dot com.