Gigablast Investments

For years Gigablast has grown organically on a shoestring budget. Revenue, while still a fraction of our competitors' (Microsoft,Yahoo,Google and Ask Jeeves), continues to increase by a few times every year. Despite the lack of funding, Gigablast's index has blossomed to an impressive size of 1.5 billion pages, making it one of the largest indexes in the world.

Gigablast is now at the point where our vision is larger than our financial growth rate. Information Science is bursting at the seams with vast new worlds to explore and endless possibilities of creative applications.

The way we see it, the internet is a giant memory bank, and search engines are in the prime position to play the part of an artificial brain which puts that information into new and exciting perspectives. Thinking boldly, we at Gigablast, are very confident of the path to the future. That path is based on manipulating the internet's vast archive of information in amazingly useful ways. Many of the things we want to do, unfortunately, require hardware and personnel investments beyond our current income so we feel that it is a wise step to offer 25% of the company in exchange for $8.5 million USD. We believe the upside is very high in part due to our revenue growth rate, our proven record of innovation and our soon-to-be-released products. Gigablast yearns for the next level of success and we are looking for financial partners willing to help shake things up and have some fun.

While we are not opposed to becoming the internet's largest portal, we are very content developing the new technologies that power today's current portal leaders. This allows us to focus on our core strengths, instead of getting too much into marketing and monetizing our products and services on a low level.

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