EventGuruBot is the name of Event Guru's indexing agent, also known as a spider. Matt Wells created Event Guru to discover new events on the web.

Event Guru is the largest search engine for events in the U.S.!

You can search the Event Guru database or you can make money by customizing and installing the Event Guru widget on your website to give your visitors a better experience. Event Guru also provides you with event recommendations based on your interests and on what events similar people on Facebook are into.

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Here is what the customizable event widget for websites looks like:

   You can select the categories of the displayed events. You can even define your own categories as a set of searches. Choose from hundreds of possibilities.

For developers that require more control, we offer a free Developer API that uses the REST protocol in XML.

EventGuruBot is like a thousand internet users busily surfing the web, but it moves from page to page indexing the content it finds. It spiders from the sole IP address: So if you see EventGuruBot hitting you from a different IP then it is probably an impostor.

You can see if we managed to find any events on your site by doing a query like site:mysite.com here:  

EventGuruBot obeys the robots.txt standard. robots.txt is a file that you place in your web server's root html directory that tells search engines what pages you do or do not want indexed. This page talks more about it.

EventGuruBot supports the Crawl-delay directive as well as the noindex, noarchive and nofollow meta tags.

If you'd like to contact me please send an email to guru at eventguru dot com.