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  • Purchase access to Gigablast's index on a cost per usage basis.

    Search Feed Cost $0.99 for every 1000 queries
    Minimum Purchase $5.00
    Available Output Formats XML, HTML, JSON
    Web Index Size Over 1 billion pages
    German Index Size Over 500 million German focused pages
    Speed of Results ~0.15 seconds per typical query
    Language Support All languages
    Supported Protocols HTTPS only
    Link to API API
    Web Example xml or json
    German Web Example xml or json

  • Cached web pages (archived copies) are provided as part of the feed service and the retrieval of one archived page counts as a single query.

  • Gigablast has many powerful features.

  • Sign up now or Login to manage your account and start accessing the feed.

  • You can use the search results however you want. You can rearrange them, embed ads, etc.

  • You must always supply &userid=NNN&code=FEEDCODE so you do not get permission denied errors. You can find the UserId and the Feed Code on your account page once you create an account.

  • Feel free to review the Terms of Service before signing up.