Environmentally Friendly Search

Gigablast's Environmentally Friendly Search

We at Gigablast take energy conservation, energy efficiency, and environmental pollution very seriously. Our superior software engineering allows us to quickly index and search billions upon billions of webpages using less than 0.1% of the computer hardware, electricity, and general infrastructure required by our competitors. For example, one of our most popular competitors reportedly uses between 100,000 and 300,000 servers to support its web index of 8 billion pages. In contrast, Gigablast requires less than 50 servers to support its index of over 2 billion pages. Gigablast technology is readily scalable to 200 billion pages on just 100,000 servers. By using our search engine, you get the information you need in the most energy efficient manner possible.

When it comes to energy conservation and preserving natural resources, Gigablast really does deliver results.

Environmentally Friendly Search
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