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Community Architect
Create your own online community or join one complete with free web hosting, free
email, instant messenger and other website building tools.
www.communityarchitect.com - cached

Community Connect Inc.
Provides free personal pages, email, forums, news, chat, instant messaging, games,
promotions and online events. [Uses Flash]
www.communityconnect.com - cached

Provides any group of people with the ability to establish a private and
interactive online community.

Electric Minds
Long-lived electronic community.
www.electricminds.org - cached

MSN Groups
Free interest-group site hosting from Microsoft Network. Offers many features;
customizable by the group website owner.
groups.msn.com - cached

Syndicomm Online
'Syndicates' communities with message boards, chat rooms via both telnet and World
Wide Web connections. Join one of the active communities, or create your own.
www.syndicomm.com - cached

Provides topical hosting services for your community homepage, community building
tools (like chat, board and discussion lists) and member tools (like member
websites, webmail and instant messaging).
www.whathelps.com - cached

CIX Online
For fee suite of integrated internet services. Provides mail, calendars, address
books, document storage, and conferencing. The mail section has virus and spam
web.conferencing.co.uk - cached

Hosting services for online community facilities such as member profiles, events,
instant messaging, online chat, message forums, email discussion groups and online
www.communitypeople.net - cached

SKIZZLE! by RootFolder Communications
Online community offering personal storage and workgroup collaboration. Features
Clubs, message boards, databases, file sharing and other personal and community
productivity tools. Also features a search engine and free membership.

Agora Studios
Involved in planning, building and growing online communities. Hosts facilities
such as message boards, member profiles and customized features.
www.agorastudios.com - cached

Offers a link manager, task manager, weblog manager, personal home page space,
message boards, and webmail. [Requires Flash]
www.cytopia.net - cached

Offer webmail, groups, chat, directory services, contacts, and favorites.
www.ekith.com - cached

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