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Microsoft Corporation
Support directly from Microsoft.
Search in Category: Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials: Technical Support and Troubleshooting
Search in Category: World: Magyar: Számítástechnika: Oktatás: Segédletek: Windows
support.microsoft.com - cached

Search for support on different products.
Search in Category: Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Electronics
Search in Category: Games: Video Games: Developers and Publishers: P: Philips
Search in Category: World: Polski: Biznes: Dobra konsumpcyjne: Elektronika
www.philips.com - cached

Silicon Graphics
Customers can choose how they wish to explore SGI's support services: by what is
available in their geographic region; by what is offered for a specific system; or
by reviewing all the support service offerings currently available.
Search in Category: Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Unix: IRIX: Companies
Search in Category: Computers: Supercomputing: Companies
Search in Category: Regional: North America: United States: California: Localities: S: Sunnyvale: Business and Economy: Computers and Internet
www.sgi.com - cached

Boldata Systems Technical Support
Offers resources, files, FAQs and help information to fine tune your personal
support.boldata.com - cached

CompInfo - Technical Support Pages
Technical Support pages of over 2,000 different hardware and software
Search in Category: Business: Information Technology: Directories
Search in Category: Computers: Directories
www.compinfo-center.com/support.htm - cached

MSI (Micro Star) Computer Support
Online service support and useful tools for MSI products.
www.msicomputer.com/support/TechSupport.asp - cached

Novell Support Connection
Novell's technical support site with up-to-date patches and files, knowledge base,
and forums.
Search in Category: Computers: Software: Groupware: Novell GroupWise: Support By Novell
support.novell.com - cached

Fujitsu technical support and drivers
For scanners, hard drives, optical drives, tape drives and printers.
Search in Category: Computers: Hardware: Peripherals
www.fcpa.com/support - modified: Apr 30 2009 - cached

Greyface Tech Support
Technical support for PCs, a newsletter and links to support pages.
www.greyface.com - modified: Oct 04 1999 - cached

Emmarc Ltd
Home of the "KleenKard" for magnetic swipe and smartcard application.
www.emmarc.com - cached

US Net, Inc.
Multi-vendor services provider, for on-site computer hardware maintenance and
installation to manufacturers, OEMs, integrators and resellers. US-wide service.
www.usnetinc.com - cached

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